The Rumba Kings is a documentary that unveils the brighter and ignored side of a country that the mass media has always associated with rape, war, poverty and corruption: The Democratic Republic of Congo. The Rumba Kings shows us that in the Democratic Republic of Congo, not so long ago, there were bands and musicians as talented as The Beatles, and as famous in the African continent as The Rolling Stones are in the West. Congo’s capital Kinshasa was the musical center of Africa for more than 30 years. Furthermore, the documentary tells us that Congolese Rumba is disappearing, leaving almost no trace since there are no video archives, no master audio tapes of the best bands and musicians, and not even musical notation documents of the thousands of songs produced in that era.

This is the first documentary film that thoroughly introduces the music and the incredible stories of the golden era of Congolese Rumba to the world and warns of Rumba’s history imminent disappearance.

Through the voices of an extensive array of Congolese historians, music experts, and most importantly by the very last musicians that remain from that time, the audience will get to know some of the best songs of Congo’s greatest musical Rumba stars — including Kalle, Franco, Dr. Nico, Rochereau and other Congolese Rumba legends, will also hear first-hand anecdotes about the musical stars, will enjoy musical performances by some of the last Rumba survivors, and will discover unseen archival footage and photographs from that era.

This documentary celebrates Congo as one of the most musical places in the world with a kaleidoscopic collection of Rumba geniuses that deserve to be known and admired and whose work needs to be preserved.

Directed by: Alan Brain
Photographed by: Alan Brain
Additional Footage by: Junior Makolo
Edited by: Alan Brain
Trailer Editing and Motion Graphics by: Alan Brain

Copyright ©2017, All Rights Reserved – Alan Brain

Role: directed, shot, edited.