Filmed on location in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Minutes after we met, Vincent Lombume told me that he had discovered one of the most interesting facts about poverty and the suffering that comes with it: it propels you to elevate yourself above reality, it propels you to live in the invisible world of ideas.

And, indeed, that is how Vincent lives, trying to catch a glimpse of the secrets that float beyond our existence, philosophizing about the essence of his city, and deciphering the soliloquies of the inhabitants of Kinshasa.

Like a renaissance alchemist that woke up one day in the Kinshasa district of Matonge, Vincent is still looking for that other philosopher’s stone, the one that can turn poverty into something else…

Client: United Nations
Directed by: Alan Brain
Photographed by: Alan Brain
Produced by: Georges Dominiques
Edited by: Alan Brain

Copyright ©2013, All Rights Reserved – UN / Alan Brain

Role: directed, shot, edited.