Filmed in location in Cajamarca and Lima, Peru. This is a sensitization piece designed for the campaign “Maxima Is Not Alone” developed by Amnesty International to gather support for the cause of Peruvian farmer Maxima Acuña. Maxima is a subsistence farmer in the Peruvian northern highlands of Cajamarca who stood up for her right to peacefully live on her own property, a plot of land fiercely sought by Newmont and Buenaventura Mining companies.

Client: Amnesty International
Photographed by: Cristopher Luna Victoria
Story Edited by: Alan Brain
Produced by: Jeronimo Centurion
Edited by: Alan Brain
Music by: Alberto Cendra

Additional footage courtesy of Guarango Producciones and the Goldman Environmental Prize.

Copyright ©2016, All Rights Reserved – Centurion Producciones / Amnesty International

Role: edited.