– A Rich Work Experience: I have more than 10 years of experience in film production. During those years, I have worked for a wide array of different international clients such as corporations, humanitarian organizations and government institutions. This has allowed me to develop a better understanding of what each of my clients expects from video production.

– Professional Output: Large filmography that includes different types of projects such as TV series, feature length fiction films, documentaries, corporate videos and advertising. Proven record in delivering high quality effective cinematic content for a wide range of production needs. From corporate videos or character driven documentaries to scripted narration videos.

– Logical Creativity: There is nothing new under the sun. Everything has been done. Quentin Tarantino says “I steal from everything. Great artists steal; they don’t do homages”. Nowadays, creativity in video production is, as EA Poe once wrote in his Philosophy of Composition, more related to negation than invention. Creativity has to be elaborately sought, researching what has been done and to what extent it worked in order to transmute it to better serve our purpose.

– Advanced Storytelling: Qualified user of Stillmotion’s award winner MUSE storytelling program. MUSE is a proven storytelling process that works for several genres of video production such as documentary, fiction, corporate and advertising ensuring the most effective delivery of your message and generates a swift response to your particular call to action.

– Technical Acumen: Advanced technical knowledge and experience in most digital film/video cameras and Non Linear Editing systems. Up to date with current video and film industry trends and developments. You can rest assured that I will study your production requirements and take into account your budget to choose the best digital filmmaking tools for your project.

– Smooth Communication: Years of expertisse  in cross-cultural working environments. Fluent in Spanish, English, and French, enabling strong oral and written communication with a wide array of international customers and/or team members.

– Experience in post-conflict/humanitarian settings: With over seven years of experience working for the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I have substantial experience working with multilateral and non-governmental organizations and I have produced high-quality film products in challenging post-conflict settings. I have a deep understanding of extreme poverty, how to work effectively in developing countries, and how to use my knowledge of film production to convey pride, beauty and hope in areas that have been devastated by conflict and poor governance.  I have produced videos on critical international development topics such as gender inequality and sexual violence, human rights abuses, armed conflict, child abuse, election processes, education systems, and displaced persons. 

– A“One-Man-Band” or Team Leader: I am capable of delivering high quality film productions directing a large crew, a small crew, or even operating as a “one-man-band”. I will study your needs and budget and decide on the best approach. When leading a large crew, I have a proven record of instilling a fun but professional atmosphere that encourages the team to give their best and meet deadlines.

– Grace Under Pressure: Years of experience delivering video products on short notice has allowed me to learn how to function at 100% under very tight deadlines without compromising the quality of the production.