Alan Brain is an award-winning film & television editor and documentary director. 

Alan’s background includes editing feature films, dramatic television, as well as directing, producing, and editing documentaries.

Prestigious festivals such as DOC NYC, the Sydney Film Festival and the Brussels International Film Festival have featured Alan’s work.

In 2021, Alan directed his first feature-length documentary film, The Rumba Kings, receiving international accolade.

The film won the Best Music Documentary in the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. It also received the Best Feature-Length Documentary award in the Pan-African Film Festival in Cannes and the Best Documentary award in the Doc N Roll Film Festival in London. 

His career as an editor started on prime-time news shows. Alan worked as the chief editor for the renowned Peruvian journalist César Hildebrandt.

In the fiction domain, Alan edited dramatic television series and films for the Peruvian Hollywood Director Luis Llosa. 

During this period in Peru, Alan edited several feature-length films and over 500 television series episodes.

In 2008, Alan Brain moved to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to work for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission. While in DRC, Brain edited and directed documentaries on urgent topics such as human rights, gender and child abuse. 

In his last years in Congo, Alan Brain directed, and edited a docuseries exploring Congolese culture. 

In 2015, Brain directed and edited a five-episode run of the Peruvian fiction series Acusados (The Defendants).

Nowadays, Alan is working on a new documentary film about the cultural contributions of Peru’s Afro descendant community to Peruvian identity.

Alan Brain is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.